Powerful Ride-Hailing Software and Apps

Booking apps branded for your company, dispatching software, fleet management, corporate portal and more.

The most comprehensive and easily configurable ride-hailing software for your business


Kick off your ride-hailing and sharing service exactly how you want it with your own branded apps and tailor-made booking and dispatching system and our superior marketplace technology.

Customer App

Designed for delightful customer experiences.

Wow your customers with an ultra user-friendly ride-haling/taxi booking app experience. Apps are available in both Android and iOS, are highly configurable and customizable as per your business needs. Apps and system is offered with unique branding and customizations as a key differentiator to suit your business and requirements.

Quick bookings, live status updates, rate your trips, payments and loyalty. We enable you to launch your own ride-hailing app in a matter of weeks.

Driver App

Easy-to-use and intuitive driver app, offers drives with all that they need to register themselves, on-board and get up and running swiftly. Key features include automated driver billing, cash and card payments, view earnings, in-app navigation, sharing availability (as online/offline), contact and rate passengers and more. Our superior technology ensures that app works well with minimal data connectivity, and continues to operate even if data connectivity is totally lost.

Powerful Management System

Manage all aspects of your business from our system with intelligent dashboards, managing all aspects of running a successful operation, from registering and managing the fleet, drivers and through to billing and insights.

  • Powerful dispatch: Automatically match incoming requests by using auto-dispatch feature or allow dispatchers to manually assign bookings

  • Manage bookings: Handle all requests of the customers that come from other modules and various channels (Phone or Skype) through a single and simple interface.

  • Allows staff to have complete system for managing and monitoring current activities such as hires, location, current status, daily statistics and real-time tracking of fleet.

  • Fare calculation options, payment handling for the drivers when paid via card, corporate portal or helpdesks, review cancellation requests etc.

  • Fully customisable fare scheme management based on vehicle, vehicle class, vehicle category or custom fare schemes.

  • Set discounts & promotions and send push notifications

  • Extensive analytical reports

  • Complete account management system with profit/loss statement

Web-Desk for hotels, restaurants and bars

Our intuitive webdesk is ideal for hotels, restaurants and bars and could become another revenue generator for your business.

Create permanent address and custom POI (point-of-interest) name, manage your business on tablet, desktop or mobile. Offer instant orders but also pre-booking to provide services whenever clients need it.

Corporate Portal

Corporate clients/organisations could sign up for their own customised ride management portal of your brand. Using this they could manage and monitor their staff bookings. This gives them a same day insight of their staff vehicle usage, track all transportation and analyse the expenses based on staff member and so on. This extends your offering and will become and another revenue generator for your business.

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