Ride-Sharing Solution

Take ride-sharing to a new level in the marketplace with your own brand.

Our ride-sharing technology is an ultra user-friendly, feature-rich solution that allows you to share your vacant seats with verified and vetted members. It is a perfect platform to set up your ride-sharing business on its own or to extend your ride-hailing business if you already have one.

Ride-sharing is also referred to as car-pooling, car-sharing and lift-sharing is the sharing of car journeys so that more than one person travels in a car, and prevents the need for others to have to drive to a location themselves. . Our solution allows you to earn money by taking advantage of your vacant seats, savings due to reduced travel cost, reduced traffic and environment pollution.

Share long distance car journeys with great people

  • Offer a ride to the travelers going in the same route and reduce your travel cost.

  • Sick of waiting for public transport. Using the mobile app you can find the best ride for you with your contribution to the travel cost.

  • Enjoy affordable, comfortable travel together!

Offering a Ride

Share your travel cost with the community:
  • Publish your ride in seconds

  • You choose who is going to travel with you by approving only the passengers you are ok to travel with.

  • Enjoy the journey with lesser cost, and much fun with a great community of verified members.

Finding a Ride:

  • Travel with a member from our trusted community who's going your way.

  • Search for a ride to your destination city or point of interest (POI).

  • Check the profiles of the members offering a ride, check their reviews and request for a ride.

  • Pay in-app via secure payment gateways.

  • Travel together in comfort, meet great people and enjoy the journey!

Peace of mind and safety with verified people of your choice.

  • Validation of identity of members ensuring safety.

  • A choice of passport, valid identity cards, driving license, member photo, phone number and Facebook, combinations to validate members.

  • Member ratings on all profiles.

  • Read the reviews about the driver and the co-passengers before choosing your ride.

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